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Te Waka Unua Gym & Hall

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 Te Waka Unua opened in 2015 and is the merger of two Christchurch primary schools post-earthquake.

They are currently building a new gym and hall, due to be completed late 2017.

This project is two separate story buildings with the Hush team providing the interior fit-out, ceiling install and acoustic wallboard installation.


What this project entails:

Sports Hall suspended ceilings - labour and materials as follows:

  • Asona Triton 40 Sports 1200x600 panels in Asona T38 Wide Faced grid, to sports hall ceiling between portals
  • Heradesign Superfine 1200x600x35 panels fixed to 25x50 Herabattens to 3no
  • USG Donn DX Heavyweight grid with USG Rockface square edge tiles to Store, MP Space, Stage and MP Space
  • USG Screwfix Grid system, in-lieu of Rondo screwfix, with metal battens at 600crs to Storage rooms and Toilets, to receive 13mm plasterboard linings

Suspended ceilings - labour and materials as follows:

  • Asona Triton Duo 60 1200x600 panels in USG Donn DX heavyweight grid direct fixed to roof structure to Open Learning 1-5 and MP Space 1-6
  • USG direct fix battens in-lieu of Rondo at 600crs to HDU, Laundry and Toilets area, to receive 13mm plasterboard linings